The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
...a stroll through the forest, a beautiful diverse biome.

Friday, March 11, 2022


Website Changes

Over the course of time, and in the ever-changing cyber world, things change. Face it, this is a crazy time, and when dealing with the hi-tech mumbo-jumbo, coding is key... So we have made yet another change to the website.

Our last post was about the New website address, and how after 25 years of owning ( we have changed it to: ( Ok, that was a logical move, and this is currently a valid website address for us.

But, because the shopping cart on the new webpage didn't really do what we wanted it to do, we direct buyers to the updated shopping cart webpage, which is: ( To order trees and other items, this shopping cart works fine.

It is stupid or confusing what we have done? Oh yea, totally... but for now, this is the deal. We grow and sell trees, that's our mission. We have been doing this for over 50 years now, and in the mail-order business over 35 years. Our hopes and dreams aspire to grow and plant more trees,and inspire others to do the same, hence, we exist.

Check out the links to the websites, and see what's what.


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


New Website - New Email

After 25 years of the ol' program, we made the change into the 21st century. Yes, we know, slow and reluctant to change... Yes, but not really, in either case this is a major change, fixes a lot of old issues, and brings a fresh look to the site. 

 Although still "under construction", the site is functional, with all of the bells and whistles of a modern webpage...

The New Website is: (

The New Email is: (


So check it out, lots of changes ahead, but it will be refreshing...




Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Sunflowers and Bees - Download this Digital Print

This item is a JPG picture that you download. Once payment is confirmed by Etsy, Etsy will send you a link to download it. Once you download onto your device, do whatever you like with it... print it, share, use it in any capacity you want. Frame it and hang it where you can enjoy it, and it can make a nice git. This is my personal picture which I gladly share with you...

This picture was recently taken here on the farm. We grow a lot of flowers for the bees and butterflies, as well as just because they are beautiful. My wife does most of that side of activities around here.

The bees are certainly an important part of the ecosystem, and we appreciate all the work they do, like pollinating the fruit trees (which is my bias). The early flowers like the Forsythia and Quince, give way to the Dogwoods, Redbuds. Of course the Dandelions start early, and the bees like those a lot. The fruit trees start blooming, and the bees swarm to the Cherries first, then the Plums, followed by the Peaches, Apples, and Pears. Then by the end of that part of the blooming cycle, the berry shrubs, Butterfly Bushes, perennials and annual flowers are starting to come on. Finally, we get to the large showy Sunflowers, which the bees really enjoy. 

You can download this picture at our #etsy shop: Sunflowers and Bees, Downloadable Picture. Taken here on the Farm, July 2020. Trees and Plants for Home and Garden Landscaping #housewarming #unframed #entryway #landscapescenery #vertical #virus #trees #book #american


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.