The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Friday, September 29, 2023

 New Email 9/28/23

Time for a change... We have a New email address. Take note, 

Contact us at: ( ).

We are also at: ( )

And... the new webpage is at: ( )

Ok, why the change? Time... When we started the online nursery in 1997, we have the website and that email, and that had gone on for about 25 years. For a hundred and one reasons, we made a major change and closed that website ( and that associated email address. We started the new streamlined webpage above, but had the email ( Now that has changed, and gets rid of a lot of junk mail...

Ordering... Yes, you can do so here through this blog, contact us via the New email address, or jump into the webpage and reach us there. Yes, always available via snail-mail, for sure...  

What about the trees? Huh? Trees... yes, that is what we are all about, but we also sell a number of other items, like books, coins, sports trading cards, movies, trains, and a variety of other items (mostly via our Shops on Etsy and eBay). Trees are our core product line, but we like all of the other things too...

 Fruit trees are something that has been of greater interest over the last several years, and we are trying to grow as many as possible as quickly as we can... 

 For Fall 2023, the fruit trees and all of the other trees and plants will become available when they become dormant again. That is weather-dependent, and based on previous seasons, some items become shippable as early as mid-October. Colder weather earlier will push trees into dormancy earlier, and if so, then we can resume shipping more earlier... Only the weather knows for sure, and once dormant, trees ship perfectly well. 

 Estimated Shipping Season for 2023-2024 will be "about" November 15th to May 15th. Once trees go dormant, they are asleep, so they can be lifted from the beds and stored in cold storage until shipped. Bookmark the webpage, and note our email address and "watch" for the availability to change. Once they are available to ship, we will update the webpage accordingly. You can always ask us if you have needs, wants, or questions...

Now one more rambling bit... We have a slogan, "Plan Early, Order Early, and Take Delivery Early for the Best selection". Here again, weather often dictates what we can do with shipping live plants (best while dormant), but supplies of plants vary from season to season. When we are out, then it may be a year or longer before we can grow them back into our inventory. Makes sense. But also, once the plants go dormant, then plant as early as practical. For the southern half of the country, plant from November through Winter. For the northern half of the country, planting will be weather-dependent moreso, which may be mid-Winter through late-Spring. Every location is different, but plant as soon as possible (or pot them to plant later). Waiting for Spring or late-Spring to plant is usually too Late! Too late because trees are not sensitive like tomatoes or peppers, and, the supply often runs out. Think about these things...

Enough said about stuff, our point was to relate the new email address.

 Get ready for Fall planting!


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees. 

Contact us at: ( ).

We are also at: ( )

And... the new webpage is at: ( )

Friday, June 2, 2023

Available Coin List 6-2-23

This is a change of pace... we will be listing some of our Coins, Trains, and other Non-Nursery items here over the next several months.

Huh? Yes, although Empire National Nursery is primarily a tree nursery, offering fast-growing trees, fruit trees, and other plants goodies... but actually the business is mail-order. Empire National Company is the parent firm, although for the most part, we have run everything under the nurserys’ umbrella. And now that the tree shipping season is done, we are turning our attention to some of the other product lines to offer you some of these treasures, outside of Etsy or eBay.

So which are the Non-Nursery product lines? We also sell Books & Movies, Coins & Currency, Trains (mostly HO Scale), Baseball (Sports) Trading Cards (for which we have nearly 200,000), and an Other or Catch-All section. Now traditionally, we run these items off of the platforms like Etsy, Ebay, Bonanza, and others, but they charge us a fortune! Want the same item for half price? Here we are. You can order from this blog, or take the link to our webpage. You can also contact us via email (below), and tell us what you interests you. You can also mail-in your order if you prefer that method.

What about pictures? That is a challenge on this blog, we will add a few, but as these are also listed on eBay (where we put most of the non-nursery items), go to our store, find the pictures, then email us with your order. And, those items added to our webpage, there will be pictures available, and you can easily order from the webpage.

Now the lists will change, and most items are one-of-a-kind, so you might drop us a note before you commit to an item. And then bookmark this blog to keep in contact with the latest list, and scroll prior posts/lists to see whats new or different.

And yes, lets talk finances, shipping and handling... For online purchases, we use PayPal. PayPal is the leader and best on-line payment handler, and we have used them for the past 26 years. We also welcome a check or money order, mailed-in as well. Now shipping the Non-Nursery items is easier than plants, so we use mostly USPS 1st Class, Media Mil, Parcel Service, and some Priority Mail. We may use UPS also, as the nursery items primarily go that route.

Reliability and such... check out our Etsy and Ebay stores, and read the feedbacks.

Available Coin List 6-2-23

Item                                    Item Number        Price       (add $4.95 shipping per item)                        

1862 Indian Head Penny  1862Indian205        $68.95
1862 Indian Head Penny  1863Indian206        $33.95
1867 Indian Head Penny  1867Indian926        $88.95
1869 Indian Head Penny  1869Indian655        $341.95
1873 Indian Head Penny  1873Indian184        $247.95
1873 Indian Head Penny  1873Indian656        $269.95
1874 Indian Head Penny  1874Indian209        $28.95
1875 Indian Head Penny  1875Indian927        $28.95
1876 Indian Head Penny  1876Indian928        $44.95
1876 Indian Head Penny  1876Indian185        $147.95
1909 Indian Head Penny  1909Indian215        $28.95

1909 VDB Wheat Penny 1909vdbWheat390   $36.95
1910 Lincoln Wheat Penny 1910Wheat391    $33.95   

1 Barber Silver Dime  (Random Date)    1BarbRND    $4.95
1 Mercury Silver Dime (Random Date) 1MercRND    $4.95
1 Roosevelt Silver Dime (Random Date) 1RoosRND    $4.95

1 Standing Liberty Silver Quarter (Random Date) 1StandRND    $10.95
1 Washington Liberty Silver Quarter (Random Date) 1WashRND    $10.95

1 Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar (Random Date) 1WalkerRND    $20.95

1 Kennedy 1964 Silver Half Dollar (Random Date) 1Ken1964RND    $19.95


More coins and other items are available on the webpage, and in our platform stores. “Pay more... go to the Store, but save on the webpage."

Written by Empire National Nursery, LLc

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Email: [lower case or caps]
PayPal, Send to us at: (

Write to us at: Empire National Nursery, LLc
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Etsy Shop: ( EmpireNationlNursery )
eBay Store: ( phillippsfarmandnursery )

Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Tuesday, May 9, 2023

Are Fruit Trees Still Available?

 If you read the post we just put up, we mentioned the the Spring 2023 season is about done, and general shipping is about to halt until the Fall. But... we can and do still ship some trees, just not the full blown shipping program as during the "season". You can always email us and ask too.

So yes, as of today (5-9-23) there are still some fruit trees available. On Etsy and eBay, we have dropped most items, and shortly we will drop the rest, but again, email us for more details on what is really still available.

Of the Apple trees, we still have Red Delicious, Macintosh, Winesap, Fuji, Granny Smith, and maybe a couple stragglers...

Of the Peach trees, we still have the Georgia Bell Peach, the Red Haven Peach, and the Harvester Peach.
Now for the Plum trees, we have the Santa Rosa Plum and the Ozark Premier Plum. 
Pear trees, we just have the Bartlett Pear available.
Ever try a Plum-Cot? It's a cross between a Plum and an Apricot, quite tasty, and quite unique!
Ok, all of these are still dormant and fresh in the cooler, and will ship fine... but not for much longer. These are the Standard size, which means they will grow upwards of 15 to 20 feet tall. The size will vary somewhat with your growing conditions. Now what we are shipping are small, in the 15-inch size range, nice second year grafted trees. Email us for prices. 
Paw Paw trees? Yes, they are also still available, in the cooler, dormant, and nicely shippable as well... but again, for a short time longer.
For the most part, the Spring shipping season is done, and everything will become available again in the fall when the trees become dormant again. then it will be back to our regular shipping program. Taller trees too... What we have today, will go back into the beds to grow and develop further for larger more developed trees available later this Fall.
Fun stuff... thanks for asking. Now use the links below for more info.


Written by

Empire National Nursery, LLc Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees. 

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Our Current webpage: ( )

 On Etsy, our Shop: (EmpireNationlNursery) Yes, spelled that way...

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