The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Get a Free Tree

Yes, another promo... why not, it is that time of the year. Our last post we noted the special clearance deals currently going on at the nursery, and we have added another.

For a limited time, when you place an order of "Any" size, we will add a Free Tree. It is a simple offer, not too many strings attached. We just have more trees to push. Good crops, nice trees, but kind of like too many...  Just check out the Catalog to learn more.

Now our emphasis has always been, "fast growing trees for privacy screens and windbreaks", and pretty much holds true, now over 22 years later. We do have trees for shade, and those that flower, plus some fruiting types, but we like trees that grow fast the best...

And with our free tree promo, it is a random pick, whatever is excess when orders are filled (basically). That is, when orders are filled, there are often extras, good trees, but just overcounts, so they go back to the beds or the cooler. What we just assume do is add the extras to the orders.

Spring is happening, here at least, Buds are swelling, green tiny leaves are appearing, the fruit trees are just about to burst forth with color, and our horrid cold weather is done with! The grass (and weeds) are greening up, and the birds are very active. Plant, plant, plant... we are, and so should you be planting as well.

Anyways, our latest promo is to inspire planting, and yes, sales for us, but why not add a freebie in there. Have any questions, or looking for something in particular, drop us a note.

Happy Planting...


Monday, March 11, 2019

Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Clearance - Overstock - Spring Super Deals - Get 33% Off

 Yes, it is time... time to mention that now that the trees have been lifted from the beds, we have a minor problem... we have too many! So, like every other store, we too will offer a super savings deal.

Right now, we are offering Sets of:
Quaking Aspen Trees
European White Birch Trees
Carolina Silverbell Trees
Cornelian Cherry Dogwood Shrubs
Red and Ohio Buckeye Trees
Horse Chestnut Trees
White Willow Trees
Douglas-Fir Trees
Ponderosa and Scotch Pine Trees 
Colorado Blue Spruce Trees
paw Paw Trees
 Black Aronia Berry Shrubs

Go to the Catalog, and look for that link... (

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Written by Empire National Nursery, Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees. 

  More About Privacy Screens

We talk a lot about screens and windbreaks, simply because they have been asked about the most of any topic. Although it may sound like a repeat of former messages, the basics are the same, just that your particular planting situation is unique.

A barrier of trees works for many planting or design uses, and it is just the specifics that are needed. That is, a line of trees is good for making a living fence, screen, green barrier, or windbreak. Any tree species will work. But depending on the goal of the project, the more rows you can plant, the more effective the barrier becomes. There are no hard and fast rules, and your particular site conditions may alter your plans some, but each additional row makes the project goal attainable.

Although any tree species can work, we favor those that grow fast. Makes sense, saves time. For any planting project, you have to consider that it will take years for a barrier to grow in and become what you hope it will become, so aster growing trees makes sense. Which trees to plant?

For Fast-Growing trees, the Willows and Poplars, are at the top of the list, because in fair to good growing conditions, these types of trees will grow the fastest. These are good for most parts of the country, and in most growing conditions and climates. There are several species we prefer. Yes, because we also sell them, but still good choices. You can go to our Catalog by taking any of the links and ads to learn more.

But also, consider adding a row, or several rows of evergreens. The fast growing broadleafs grow quickly, but in the winter, they are bare sticks. Planting evergreens adds that winter screening, but as a whole, the evergreens grow much slower. Over time, the barrier will be magnificent, but it will takes several years to get there. Therefore planting evergreens with the faster growers, makes sense. Something to ponder...

And again, which evergreens to select will depend on your conditions, but we have some suggestions. Also plantable over much of the country, consider pines, like Ponderosa Pine, Eastern White Pine, or Scotch Pine. Also consider Douglas-Fir, Norway Spruce, White Spruce, and even the Colorado Blue Spruce.

There a lot of choices to make in planning and planting a green barrier, but whatever is done, the results can be great and worthwhile.


And then "Get the Book", to learn more and plan. Planting season is upon us...

Go to Amazon (Kindle), and do a search for: (Easy How-To Grow Trees for Privacy Screens and Windbreaks : 10 Fast Growing Trees You Should Plant; By: William A. Jack; ASIN: B07MYJNP85).