The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

F R E E - Get a Free Red Maple Tree!!!

Empire National Nursery fast growing trees for home and garden landscaping
F R E E - Get a Free Red Maple Tree!!!

Here's the Deal - Very Specifically... We will send you 1 Free Red Maple Seedling IF... you will pay the 75-cents postage and handling cost!

Simply use this PayPal payment button! Yes... this tree seedling is Teeny-Tiny , will measure from 2 to 5 inches (plus root), fits into a regular #10 envelope. We are doing this promotion to introduce Ourselves to You!

TERMS & CONDITIONS: One Seedling per address, and only if the 75-cents postage and handling is paid. This is a Very Limited promotion, good for the first 1,000 respondants, OR, 3/31/13, whichever comes first. We will enclose a couple leaflets and a Mini-Catalog, but thats it. The 75-cent cost covers the actual postage, the PayPal payment fee, and part of the insert printing cost...

Red Maple - Fast growth up to 80 feet tall, and good for Zones 2 to 10. Plant in full sun with a moderate amount of water, this tree is planted as single specimens, shade, and great for Fall color. Very popular because the red Fall color! These can grow up to 4+ feet per year, but up to 1-2 feet in the first year is more typical! Growth for your area will vary as per growing conditions, so it is very challenging to guess at that. (Sci. name: Acer rubra).

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Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pecan - An Edible Fast Growing Tree

So what's with the Pecan? There has been a lot of talk recently about this variety versus that, and which is better...

We like the Pecan, and grow just the true species (Carya illinoensis). As growers of a large number of different tree species, we have a preference for the natives. We do grow some hybrids, like our fast growing Ameri-Willow tree, but for the most part, we like the natives trees. Hybrids are fine, but for Pecan, we just dont grow any of them.

Among the features we like about the Pecan, is firstly that it is pretty fast growing tree. Growth rates can be up to three or four feet a year (which we would consider as fast growing), but depending on the growing conditions, perhaps one to two feet of new growth is more to be expected. Not greatly fast-growing in that respect, but there are other great features we like about the Pecan.

Like Pecan pie? We do... and the nuts the regular true-species (or the hybrids) produces, makes Pecan a keeper! Granted, it takes a number of years before the Pecan tree starts flowering and producing nuts, typically flowering and fruiting starts from age ten to twenty years. So plant the tree, and wait... Great for shade in the meantime.

Besides fast growing and edible qualities of the tree, the Pecan wood is strong! Pecan is in the genus Carya, which are the hickories. Hickory wood is tough and durable. Want a fast growing hardy and sturdy tree? Pecan is a good one to plant in your mix of tree species for windbreaks.

And besides tough durable wood, the Pecan, being in the Walnut Family (Juglanaceae), the Pecan wood grain is beautiful. As a quality decorative wood for furniture or wood-working projects, the Pecan is a treasure.

Then if for no other reason, we like the Pecan because it can make a terrific firewood. Hickory... like the oaks, Pecan is dense, heavy, high BTU producing fuel, ideal for those chilly nights. As time goes on, limbs may break or get trimmed, older trees removed, etc., so if you can keep some for the fireplace, Pecan will keep you warm...

Among the many trees we like, Pecan is a nice tree to have. Whether for shade, nuts, firewood, or whatever, this is a true native tree that can a unique spot in your landscape design.

We wonder what +Glenn Beck thinks about Pecans. Our guess is that +Obama doesn't like Pecans, he doesn't like anything thats not dependent on government suckling... Just saying...

We wonder what +Glenn Beck thinks about Pecans? Our guess is that +Obama doesn't like Pecans... He doesn't like anything that's not dependent on big government suckling. Just saying...

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Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.