The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Friday, October 26, 2012

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees", or Does It?

"Money Doesn't Grow on Trees", or Does It?

The proverbeal cliche that we try to teach our kids about not wasting money brings up a couple interesting thoughts. Perhaps money "Does" grow on trees, contrary to what we are told...

Certainly president Obama thinks that money does grow on trees, or at least made from chinese rice paper, as Obama has done nothing but spend and waste the American taxpayers (and childrens) future! Disgusting... Obama's parents should have told him this cliche, but instead his marxist teachings ingrained the idea that the "government entitlement tit" IS the tree that grows money... "get all you can, and spend it on waste and fraud as you deserve...". Impeach this jerk out of office, or at least vote him out!

But yes, in many ways, money does grow on trees! There is the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Tree, and a species of Jacaranda commonly known as the Money Tree, and there may be others as well. Other than these few trees, the money that grows on the trees is not money per se, but rather the fruit and wood products that we exchange using money.

Ever eat an apple? How about cherries? What about all of the many varieties of fruits we gather from fruit-bearing trees? Every farmer and consumer knows that fruit (trees) are money (well exchanged for such anyways). Where would we be without fruit trees? A delicious thought to ponder...

And though not money per se, trees are exchanged for money when the thousands of forest products we use are picked (or harvested). Wood and paper obviously, but a large variety of chemicals and other products are made as well.

And certainly, in our regard, money does grow on trees, or rather, trees are money. Since we are a tree nursery, we exchange trees for money... So from a biased perspective, the cliche holds true, at least for us...

And YES, do get out there and Vote! For those who can't claim the cliche, vote the money-wasters out of office, starting with Obama!!!

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Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Impeach Obama - Obama Allowed the Benghazi Murders

Impeach Obama - Obama Allowed the Benghazi Murders

Amazing how truth is always revealed. During the last days of the presidential election of 2012, the greatest of scandals emerges. This can and should sway the American voter to oust Obama and his treachorary! +Obama needs to be impeached!

Beanghazi and the assassination of our four American citizens (including a Navy Seal, a true American Hero!) is getting more and more media coverage as the details and results of the investigations come to light. As the press is forced to tell the stories, the truth is sickening! The attack on our embassy and the killing of four American citizens was watched by live video 'in' the white house and state department, by the drone filming the seven hour attack, and viewed by president Obama, Hillary, and all of the security people that abound those locales. They knew! They have to know! They know, because nothing happens in this hi-tech world that is not viewed and monitored by our vast array of satellites and intell, especially involving social hot-spots and our embassies. This stuff is highly monitored, and ALL information is constantly briefed and viewed by the president and all of the power that be. That is the presidents job, to know exactly what is effecting every American, worldwide. The president is responsible for every American, that is His trust. Obama not only knew of the attacks on 9-11, he watched them! Watch, the truth is being revealled as you read this...

That is a shock and a scandal! That is treason! President Obama allowed four American citizens to be murdered, and he did NOTHING! Instead, Obama blames some U-tube video for the random attack, and the republicans. What a scum! He is a gutless liar that threatens everything good America stands for. Days and almost two weeks later admits that it was a terrorist attack. It was covered up and lied about. Obama chose to lie to the American public about the truth. That is Treason! Obama is guilty of murder, or at least condoned it!

The cover-up... to shade the arms deal with those arming the rebels in Syria. Watch... we will all see.

Could anything have been done to stop attacks or retaliate at least? YES! As the news sources are starting to show, there were military resources within a few hours that could have struck back. the white house had live video, a call could have been made during this seven hour attack, and the outcome could have been different. All it took was Obama to give the command, and our fellow citizens could have been spared (or least avenged). Obama chose to watch and do nothing! Obama is the commander-in-chief, he controls the greatest of world power, and his job is to protect Americans citizens, and he DID NOT!

A flood of emails and documents, plus video are coming out to show the truth. This is just cause to impeach Obama. Recall the impeachment of Bill Clinton during his lies to America about his affairs with Monica. Scandal! Certainly we all recall the Nixon and Watergate scandal... and Nixon was impeached and forced to resign. How much worse is it that Obama, our prseident, watched our fellow citizens be murdered, did nothing, then lied to the American people with a cover up? This is treason! Obama needs to be impeached at least!

Let the truth be told. Let justice be served. Obama is not above the law. Everyone else is subject to the consequences of lies and deceptions revealed, and with murder, this is seriously a breach of truth and everything America stands for.

The truth will come out, it always does, and its appalling! Impeach Obama! Prosecute Obama for murder!

Make a difference... Get out and Vote!!!


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Railroad Ties - Amazing Use of Trees

Railroad Ties - Amazing Use of Trees

One of the more fascinating uses of trees is for railroad ties.

When the weather turns chilly, I tend to watch more movies about the Old West. Typically, the movies are in hot, sunny, dry and treeless locations, and everyone is sweaty and warm. That somehow helps me to take the chill off. And in all of these westerns, they show the railroad. How can you have a western without a railraod, the ironhorse is the greatest icon of the old west, and associated with that are the railroad lines. Endless miles of track, over the dry and treeless terrain, all across the country, truly an amazing feat!

How amazing the railroad is, how they were built, without the modern power tools and massive machinery, particularly when looking at the railroad tie. From the begining of rail travel, the rails have been fastened onto wood ties. How many trees, or how many ties does it take per mile of track? Start to do the math, and the volume of trees and wood consumed is staggering! Sadly, I don't have any figures for this...

If a railroad tie is eight feet long, eight or ten inches on all sides, that would be typical for a tie. That would be about five cubic feet of wood per tie. And if each tie is spaced on two-foot centers (that is two feet apart), then for every mile of track, that would require about thirteen thousand cubic feet of wood (or about 2640 ties). Now mutliply that by the thousands of miles of track laid, even just to connect the eastern and western rail lines like they did in some of these movies, then thats a lot of wood!

And not just for railroad ties, but to make bridges, and used for fuel for the steam locomotive, that's a lot of wood! Not exactly certain of the math, but as a ballpark number, that is still a lot of wood!

Ok, if these numbers are plausible, where did wood come from? How many trees were used, and what species?

Well, if we can stretch our numbers out a bit, and say that 'on average' the usable length of a tree was one hundred feet, and, that this one hundred foot length was two feet by two feet square (after the initial four cants were cut off), say, each tree produced a one hundred by two by two piece of rough lumber (which is about 400 cubic feet). Consider that in many areas of that time, trees were older and larger, and this varied widely over the span of the country, species available for use, etc., etc., but to come up with some sort of numeration, stick with these figures. Ok, if the average railroad tie is five cubic feet, and the tree raw material is trimmed to 400 cubic feet per tree, then that would produce about eighty railroad ties per average tree. And as estimated above, that each mile of track were to use 2640 ties, that would be about thirty three (average) trees per mile. Now the trimmed wood material from those trees would have burned as fuel in some manner, so waste was very minimal.

From east to west, trees were used, of every species, hauled from far away (by horse and wagon) and in other regions the trees were locally available. How many trees were used to build the early railroad? How many trees are used today to maintain the railroad? By early in the 19th century, cresasote and other materials were used to help preserve the wood, make the ties last longer, but figure a railroad tie might have a five, maybe ten year lifespan. When those massive trains roll over the rails, there is a certain amount of force placed on the rails, spread across the ties, minimized when you examine the physics of force, but still, the pins that hold the rails into the wood tie will cause cracks in the wood. And wood cracking as it dries naturally, ties fall apart over time and need to be replaced. Train derailments happen moreso because the railroad ties are old and cracked and cant hold the pins and rails tightly, causing the rail to bow when the train rolls across them. Ouch... So ties have to be replaced periodically, even at five or ten years, that requires a lot of wood! At least with more modern wood preservatives, the goal is to reduce the replacement requirements, still, the railroads require a lot of trees.

But the next time, you take a walk or drive (in your personalized iron-horse), notice the railroad, and ponder the trees used. How many trees, what species, how much wood has been used on our railroads? Think about it, how amazing and fascinating how our trees have been used. Perhaps someone can do some real-life stats on this subject.

And the bottom line is this... trees are a renewable resource, this is very evident as even with the millions of cubic feet used to build and maintain our railroads, plus every other use of trees, we still have plenty more!


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Get Out and Vote!!!

Get Out and Vote - Vote for Trees

After the thrid presidental debate, we find the Mitt Romney was graceful and a much stronger leader than Obama. Where president Obama was brash and arrogant, basically Obamas stand was to attack the facts and truths presented by Romeny. Clearly, the president has no worthy accomplishments to show any type of record to keep his presidential job. Obama was rude and weak, whereas Mitt Romney was firm and very presidential.

Now what does this have to do with trees, fast growing trees or otherwise? Thats a two-sided perscective. Firstly, trees have little to do with the 2012 election, the debates, whether president Obama or Romney should get elected, but also, consider all of the posters, fliers, and election materials produced by the 2012 election season. A lot of trees went into those slogans and campaign signs. Did Obama or Romney have more?

But the other interesting idea from the 2012 election season, particularly all of the local and state elections, not just the presidential race, is that our economy is heavily dependent on trees. Trees make paper and cardboard, wood products of all types, etc., etc. Except for the 2012 election season, the forest products industry (which includes the paper products side of it) have suffered greatly with the weak declining economy. Now if Obama wins this election, we will likely see our economy further decay, which could relate to less forest (paper) products being produced. If Mitt Romney wins this election, and becomes President Romney, then we will see a growing vigourous economic expansion unlike this country has seen in too many years to count...

If trees are not harvested as quickly as the economy further sinks, they will continue to grow and get larger. If the economy is turned around, harvest activities will boom. Eitehr way, our productie forest lands are filled with many species of fast growing trees, ready for whatever happens this 2012 election season. America's forests, praticularly those on the larger private land holdings are well managed and posied to provide wood and paper for generations to come.

That's our perspective on the 2012 elections for president (and the local and state races as well).

As our right to vote is a privledge, use it! Vote for Obama if you like, or Mitt Romney if you want a strong healthy America... you decide. Get out there and vote 2012!


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.