The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Using Binoculars in Our North Carolina Tree Nursery

Using Binoculars in Our North Carolina Tree Nursery

As we reorganize our North Carolina tree nursery in preparation for the Fall tree planting season, we inventory the supplies we have, and figure out what needs still remain. Among our handy tools are binoculars.

Binoculars are handy in the tree nursery for several purposes. Firstly, binoculars are handy in looking at the trees, particularly during cone and seed collection season. If you can see the tree seeds with binoculars, you can plan to collect them more efficiently. On the larger trees, even those tree in the woods, we look for squirrels and other pests that may effect the trees in the nursery with binoculars. Binoculars helps us to keep watch on the deer and local customer traffic from across the property.

Our tree nursery makes a good use of binoculars, without binoculars, the tree nursery has a short-range view.


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Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Using Folding Knive Blades in Our North Carolina Tree Nursery

Using Folding Knive Blades in Our North Carolina Tree Nursery

Among the tools we routinely use the tree nursery are knives. Hand clippers are probably used the most on our trees and plants, but second would certainly be knives.

We use both fixed blade knives and folding knife blades during most tasks in the tree nursery. Not that one has greater preference or use over the other, but moreso depends on which one is most handy at the time of need. Both are useful tools in the tree nursery.

In the field, trees and twigs are cut for various reasons, dead trees are removed with a knife, so having a folding blade knife at-hand aides in the tasks.

As we do primarily mail-order, hence a mail-order nursery, folding blade knives have a "hundred and one uses" in the packing shed. Shipping supplies arrive, boxes are cut, excess tree lengths are trimmed back, we use a fixed blade or folding knife blade to cut paper and string, tape, and occaisionally fingers...

No tree nursery is complete without an office, and here a folding knife blade is more handy than any other hand tool. Boxes and papers are cut, string, tape, and other packing materials are severed using the folding knife blades, and if the band-aids are secure enough, we don't cut fingers...

The tree nursery would come to a virtual halt if we didnt have the fixed knife blades, and completely halted if we did not have the folding knife blades.


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=========== Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

4 American Civil War Books - Bruce Catton & Davis

4 American Civil War Books - Bruce Catton & Davis The American Civil War, or War Between the States was a bloody struggle for Independendence (from the Southern perspective) and the struggle to keep the union of the United States together (on the northern perspective). The civil war was a civil-war, in that it was not just the north against the south, but brother against brother, kin fighting kin, towns and regions within the various states fighting each other. In most areas of the country, there was strife and friction among many families, truly a civil war. Aside from the human struggle, ever consider what happened to the trees during the civil war? During the mid-1800's, really before the industrial revolution and introduction of fossil fuels, trees were the mainstay of energy consumption. Tree were used not just for heating, but for making ships, weapons, forts and defensive positions, railroad ties, chemicals like resins, farms that cleared the trees out, and certainly fruit-bearing types. Amazing to look at the old civil war pictures, such as on the civil war battlefields, to see denuded hills and farms, and compare those same civil war battelfields and other areas today. Amazing how in most places the trees have come back full and lush. We like trees, thats what we do - grow trees. And as we are learning more about our American history, the American Civil War in particular, we think about the role the trees had during the war. Although really unrelated to our interest and profession in trees, these four books about the American Civil War are quite interesting. Three were written by Bruce Catton, a popular author about the civil war, and the fourth was written by Burke Davis. We have read them, found them to be full of information about the civil war, and now we have made them available on our ebay store. We hope you find the civil war as fascinating as we do... after all, it was a big part of our American history. ========== Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

911 - May We Never Forget!

911 - May We Never Forget! September 11th, 2001 - May we Never forget! The tragedy and horror, the innocent people that lost their lives, that we were attacked on American soil, and how Our country has changed since then. We have 3 Magazines on our ebay Store (take the link) that are now available. These are full of great pictures and stories of the events on that fateful day. Each of these are in very nice condition, not perfect, but a must-have for that collection. We are ready to let go of these, but not the memories...
The first one: "Life in the Land of the Free: America Remembers September 11, 2001, 10 Years Later by Life (2011, paperback). This is a beautifully done paperback thick magazine produced by Time-Life Books. Held in Good condition, the cover and pages are sound, good shape, some yellowing of the pages, but overall very nice.
The second is: "Sept. 11, 2001 The Day that Shook America", published by People Weekly, Sept. 24, 2001 (paperback), UPC code: 07244010227939, 136 pages. This is also beautifully done paperback thick magazine produced by People Weekly. Held in Good condition, and also very nice overall.
The last magazine we have is: Magazine: "September 11, 2001 The Day that Changed America", published by (Unknown Publisher), Sept., 2001 (paperback), UPC code: 08644118215404, 96 pages. And like the other two magazines, these are incredibly well photographed, and in very nice condition. -----
And if one were to get these through ebay, we have the ads set up that 25% of this sale goes to Support Our, a Great organization that helps Our men and women serving our country while they keep US safe at home. We are glad to help, and we hope you too can do something to help them...
Vote 2012 !!! America needs change, and WE are the answer! WE have a voice, even one at a time... and together, we can make good changes. It's time America... time to VOTE! Whatever your party or political leaning, WE need your voice. This is your God-given American Right, guaranteed to US in our Constitution, and if it is not used, it will be taken away! ----- Mostly we just grow trees... We like the fast growing trees especially, but just about anything green is fine with us. From our North Carolina nursery, we grow trees for shade, fast growing trees for privacy screens and windbreaks, other trees for fruit (not regular fruit trees, but those not very common), fast growing flowering trees, and a number of fast growing shrubs for hedges and flowers. BUT... we also were effected by 911, and we do care! We at least try and get information out, links to organizations that help others (particularly our Veterans), and we get involved locally. Trees are fine, but Our country is more important... Just our thoughts on this September 11th... ---------------- Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.