The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

 Want Quaking Aspen Trees for 33% Off?

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Quaking Aspen is a very popular tree nearly nationwide. Aspens are fast growing, white trunks, with attract leaves that flutter in the wind. Overall, a pretty nice tree for the landscape design, either for commercial projects, or just at home.

Now the Aspen, in the Populus genus, belongs to the Willow Family (Salicaceae), a large family of trees and shrubs, of which the genus comprises about 30 true species found throughout the northern hemisphere. Many of the species are used for various lumber or pulp products, and many of the trees are used in shelterbelt and environmental plantings. Aspens provide a valuable food source for many animals, which browse the leaves and shoots, and sometimes the bark. They are a pioneer tree, fast growers, among the first to colonize burned or cutover areas.

The Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) has a huge natural range, and is the widest spread hardwood in North America. Aspens are native from the almost the Arctic Circle, across nearly all of Canada, down the Rocky Mountains and Cascade ranges, into the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Over this vast range, there are a wide array of phenotypical and genotypical variants. That is, there are biological differences within the species, hereditary adaptations, from the interaction of the various environments the trees are found. These differences are most notably in the flowering and fruiting dates,  leaf growth, and dormancy. Trees from northern Canada, for example, will look the same as Aspens from Colorado, but their biological functions will occur at different times. Trees from the southern ranges, might not grow or do as well if planted in the northern areas. Across the entire range, there are natural hybrids and varieties.

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