The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

 Summer 2018 - What's New?

Yes, true, it has been a while since our last blog posting, and although we have a modest following and readership, we hope to reach out to more tree-lovers over the following weeks and months.

Well then... What's New? For the nursery, quite a lot... We moved the nursery to this southwestern Missouri location in late 2015. We started from scratch, developing the facility as time and resources were available, now with the many projects in various stages of utility. We have been busy, land has been cleared, the Johnson Grass and other durable weeds are constantly being controlled, new beds and work areas, watering systems installed, new buildings to help us manage and grow the nursery, plus modest work on the website and other marketing venues. There is still a lot to be done, so each day is another opportunity to move just a little bit further along in our endeavors.

Over the years, our theme has been the Fast Growing Trees, primarily for privacy screens and windbreaks, featuring our Ameri-Willow hybrid. We experiment and grow many trees and plants, having had over 200 types offered for quite a few years, but change is constant in the nursery. We still grow our core fast-growers, and we have increasingly been producing the edible trees and shrubs, namely select fruit trees and berry bushes. Keep tabs on our catalog webpage for the latest availability.

And speaking of availability... as it is summer, so not much can be shipped. We are still primarily mail-order, and that makes shipping limited at certain times of the year. As the spring weather gets warmer, trees break dormancy, and the temperatures while the box is in transit, gets too warm. This means that shipping declines to a trickle, although we can and do ship some items using various tricks and techniques. Really the best time to ship, or receive your trees, is while they are dormant, but that also depends on your location. The general rules-of-thumb we use is, the northern states ship in late-summer to early fall, then again from late-winter to late-spring, sometimes even early summer. Now the southern states, or the southern half of the country, generally has the best shipping windows from late-fall through early, sometimes mid-spring. Actually there are many variables involved we consider when processing the orders. If in doubt about the timing, ask us... we can help.

Plan for the fall... What's New in our varied assortment of trees and plants will become shippable again as the weather and tree conditions become favorable. Maybe we will have more our our project-work done as well... Our motto is "Plan early, plant early", so watch the Catalog for further changes. 

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Written by Empire National Nursery, LLc Your Southwest Missouri Source for Fast Growing Trees.