The Woodlands of Missouri

The Woodlands of Missouri
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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Birthday - General ROBERT E. LEE

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Robert E. Lee!

Among the many heroes and patriots in this great country of ours, is that most beloved Civil War General - Robert E. Lee. Born 1807 in northern Virginia, he married Mary Washington Custis (a direct descendant of our Great George Washington), and was a prominent US Army Corps of Engineers officer, and landowner.

Robert E. Lee loved the United States of America, believed in honest gain through hard work, honorable in his marriage, and was a devoted disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. He had a strong yet gentle personality, and quickly gained the respect of his colleagues and peers. Always a soldier, when the Mexican War broke out in the 1850's, he gained further recognition and promience through his soldery skills.

And later as the War of Northern Aggression broke out, Lee had to make the most difficult of choices, adhere to the national flag, or stand with the his home, family, and State of Virginia. It was very clear that lincoln had usurped his powers thus bypassing Congress and the US Constitution, by restricting 'habeus corpus' and raising an army to invade fellow Americans in the succeeding states. This was in direct contradiction of everything Robert E. Lee believed in and fought for, so his loyalty remained firmly entrenched with Virginia, States Rights, and the US Constitution.

History has shown Lee to be among the most celebrated brilliant generals of all American history, and retains the love and admiration of a great many people today. In later years following the Civil War, Lee became president of Washington - Lee College in central Virginia.

During this year and time of treacherous and ethically bankrupt presidential leadership, let us remember the builders and patriots of this great country like Robert E. Lee.

Happy Birthday! Oh, how we could use you now!


Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Gemeinhardt Flutes - We Got a Couple For Sale!!!

In the world of Woodwind Instruments, the Gemeinhardt name sure stands out... Made in Elkhardt, Indiana, these fine flutes have been among the most popular among students and professionals. There are many flutes on the market, many wonderful brands and manufacturers, but as a music teacher, I have always had a special reverance for Gemeinhardt flutes.

Yes... as times are tough, I have to sell some of beautiful woodwinds. Are you a student, novice, or consider yourself a 'newbie'? Consider if you will, the flutes we are selling...

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Written by Empire National Nursery, Your North Carolina Source for Fast Growing Trees.